04 December 2023

The European Space Agency is developing a Space Cybersecurity Operations Centre (C-SOC) to detect and respond to cyberattacks targeting space system infrastructures and the space industry.

A sample of the Qilin ransomware gang's encryptor targeting VMware ESXi is identified, considered highly advanced and customizable for Linux systems.

WeMystic, an astrology and spiritual content platform, exposed sensitive user data due to an open and passwordless MongoDB database, risking the compromise of names, email addresses, and birth dates.

A sophisticated proxy trojan targeting Mac users connects to a command and control server via DNS-over-HTTPS, indicating a widespread campaign through pirated software.

New Relic reported unauthorized access to its environment through social engineering and stolen employee credentials. Customer data using the New Relic platform remained unaffected.

A U.S. individual received an eight-year jail term for various cybercrimes involving SIM swapping, social media account takeovers, Zelle payment fraud, and impersonating Apple Support to steal digital assets.

space agencywemystictrojanmalwarehackerscredentialszellesim swappingapple supportvmwareesxi


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