07 December 2023

The SLAM side-channel attack targets forthcoming CPUs (Intel, AMD, Arm), exploiting hardware features to retrieve root password hashes from kernel memory, posing significant security risks.

Recommendations by experts to prevent AWS token abuse include CloudTrail event logging, detection of role-chaining events, MFA abuse, and regular IAM user access key rotation.

The ENISA report delves into the motivations, goals, and impacts of DoS attacks, underscoring the necessity for enhanced organizational defenses and robust prevention strategies.

The breach detected in 2015 at the Sellafield Nuclear Site may still have unresolved impacts, affecting sensitive activities like radioactive waste handling and monitoring.

Krasue, a newly discovered Linux Trojan, targets telecom companies in Thailand, utilizing unknown deployment methods, suspected vulnerability exploitation, brute-force attacks, or fake software packages.

Government agencies worldwide allegedly demand mobile push notification records from Apple and Google users, raising concerns about user privacy and surveillance.

Austal USA, a contractor for the US DoD and DHS, confirms a cyberattack, currently investigating the scope and impact of the incident.

Nissan is probing a cyberattack on its systems in Australia and New Zealand, potentially exposing personal information and ongoing investigations.

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