11 December 2023

Researchers have discovered a new method to bypass the Android Lock Screen on recent versions like Android 14 and 13. This method allows extraction of sensitive information, including photos, contacts, browsing history, and more. Google has acknowledged the issue, awaiting a security patch for affected versions.

A credential-stealing method leveraging legitimate Autofill service options on Android has been identified, allowing threat actors to steal user credentials without social engineering or malicious code.

Spanish authorities have apprehended an alleged leader of the 'Kelvin Security' hacking group, responsible for approximately 300 cyberattacks on organizations across 90 countries since 2020.

Utilizing a zero-day exploit in Microsoft Outlook (CVE-2023-23397), the APT28 group, aka Fighting Ursa, targets companies across 14 countries, significant sources of strategic intelligence for the Russian government and military.

Meta announces a landmark shift for Messenger, implementing default end-to-end encryption for all personal messages and calls, marking a significant enhancement in user privacy.

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