20 November 2023

  • Issue: Bitcoin wallets from 2011 to 2015 are exposed to a new exploit, Randstorm, enabling password retrieval and unauthorized access across diverse blockchain platforms.
  • Description: Randstorm encompasses a blend of bugs, design choices, and API modifications, posing a severe threat to numerous older wallets.
  • Decade-Long Global Espionage by Indian Hack-for-Hire Group

  • Scope: Targeted countries include the U.S., China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kuwait, and more.
  • Entity Involved: Appin Software Security (Appin Security Group)
  • Operations: Wide-ranging espionage, surveillance, and disruptive cyber activities spanning multiple nations.
  • Evolution: Originating as an educational startup providing offensive security training, the group transformed into a significant cyber operation.



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