24 November 2023

  • Researchers identify a Rust-powered variant of SysJoker used by a Hamas-linked threat actor against Israel.
  • Malware was rewritten in Rust, signifying significant code changes.

  • Publicly exposed Kubernetes configuration secrets raise concerns for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Encoded secrets discovered in public repositories heighten the risk of supply chain attacks.

  • Konni threat group utilizes Russian-language Microsoft Word documents to distribute malware for data harvesting.
  • Activity attributed to Konni shares similarities with North Korean APT43 (Kimsuky) cluster.

  • Malicious emails themed around shipping distribute WailingCrab malware composed of loader, injector, downloader, and backdoor components.
  • IBM X-Force researchers detail the sophisticated structure of the malware.

  • Active malware campaign exploits zero-day vulnerabilities in routers and video recorders, forming a Mirai-based DDoS botnet.
  • Malicious payload targets devices with default admin credentials, installing Mirai variants upon successful compromise.



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