Statistically, the most vulnerable element in an organisation is the human being. Through Social Engineering services we try to gain access to systems or information within your organisation by exploiting the weaknesses of your employees. We consider all possible access points and use a tailored approach based on your organisation's needs and objectives.

Inginerie Sociala

Social engineering is a method by which an attacker uses manipulation and persuasion to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information or IT systems. It involves the use of psychological manipulation techniques such as deception, phishing, trickery and influence to persuade the victim to provide information or take certain actions to help the attacker gain access to information or attack IT systems.

How does Social Engineering work?

The Social Engineering service starts with an assessment of the level of cybersecurity awareness within the organisation. This assessment may include a phishing test, which involves sending fake emails or messages to employees to see how many will fall for the trap.


The Social Engineering service can be a valuable tool for any company or organisation that wants to improve its level of cyber security and protect its data and systems against potential attacks.


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