15 December 2023

Recent Cyber Threats and Breaches:

MITRE launches EMB3D, a new framework designed to map cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and flaws, aiming to fortify defense mechanisms for operational technology and industrial control systems.

In 2023, the discovery of ten sophisticated Android banking trojans showcases advanced capabilities, including automated transfers, social engineering, and live screen-sharing features, targeting around 985 bank apps.

Box.com, a cloud storage provider, experiences a critical outage preventing users from accessing their stored files, impacting their cloud storage service.

Delta Dental of California reports a data breach affecting nearly seven million individuals due to a security incident involving their MOVEit Transfer software.

Kraft Heinz responds to claims made by an extortion group regarding a data breach, asserting that their systems continue to operate normally, and no evidence suggests a breach.

Cybersecurity Developments and Insights:

'NKAbuse,' a newly discovered Go-based malware, utilizes NKN (New Kind of Network) technology for covert data exchange, enhancing its stealth capabilities.

The discovery of an updated version of the Pierogi++ malware suggests continuous refinement by the Gaza Cyber Gang to maintain persistent access to targeted networks.

The Iranian OilRig group deploys three new malware downloaders—ODAgent, OilCheck, and OilBooster—alongside an updated SampleCheck5000 to obfuscate attack infrastructure.

Chainalysis reports that approval phishing scams have led to over $1 billion in cryptocurrency losses since May 2021, particularly impacting victims of romance scams.

Wyoming LLCs are being implicated in high-profile hacking activities due to the state's easy registration process for anonymous shell companies, creating a virtual hub for cybercriminals.

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