05 December 2023

Microsoft's Threat Intelligence team warned of Russian state-sponsored actor APT28 exploiting the CVE-2023-23397 Outlook flaw, actively hijacking Microsoft Exchange accounts for data theft.

Phishing attacks increasingly utilize PDF documents, leveraging the file format's trustworthiness and social engineering tactics for successful campaigns.

Google's December 2023 Android security updates address 85 vulnerabilities, including a critical zero-click remote code execution (RCE) bug, emphasizing the importance of immediate patching.

Tipalti is investigating claims by the ALPHV ransomware gang of a network breach resulting in the theft of 256 GB of data, including information for platforms like Roblox and Twitch.

WordPress administrators are targeted by fake security advisories leveraging a fictitious vulnerability (CVE-2023-45124) to infect sites with a malicious plugin, highlighting ongoing phishing tactics.

Microsoft's KB5032288 November 2023 Windows 11 preview update enhances the Copilot AI assistant and addresses almost a dozen bugs, emphasizing system enhancements and bug fixes.

Microsoft addressed a known issue causing Outlook Desktop clients to crash during email sending from Outlook.com accounts, enhancing the stability of the email client.

The latest P2Pinfect botnet variants target 32-bit MIPS devices like routers and IoT devices, indicating an expansion in the range of infected devices.

TrickMo evolves, using Accessibility event logs to gather data from running applications on Android devices, showcasing new tactics and a shift in target devices.

OpenZFS releases versions 2.2.2, addressing a long-standing data corruption bug affecting file copies on FreeBSD 14 and various Linux distributions.



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