06 December 2023

Sierra OT/IoT routers are affected by 21 vulnerabilities posing risks of remote code execution, unauthorized access, cross-site scripting, authentication bypass, and denial of service attacks on critical infrastructure.

Atlassian addresses four critical vulnerabilities, including deserialization and remote code execution flaws, emphasizing the importance of immediate updates across multiple products.

Outdated Adobe ColdFusion software leads to a federal agency breach, underscoring the urgency for timely software updates and robust cybersecurity measures.

The St. Johns River Water Management District confirms responding to a cyberattack, coinciding with federal warnings about foreign attacks on water utilities.

Over 12 million downloads of the SpyLoan Android malware from Google Play pose a significant threat, urging vigilance and caution among users regarding app downloads.

WALA's breach exposes pet owner data, prompting the need for affected individuals to monitor financial accounts and implement heightened security measures.

The Malek Team claims responsibility for a cyberattack on an Israeli hospital, leading to the exposure of thousands of medical records, including those of Israeli soldiers.

HTC Global Services confirms a cyberattack after screenshots of stolen data are leaked by the ALPHV ransomware gang.

A vulnerability in an open-source library threatens the security of pre-built smart contracts, impacting multiple NFT collections, including Coinbase.

Kali Linux 2023.4 is available for download, introducing GNOME 45 and fifteen new tools for users.



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