14 November 2023

  • Vietnamese threat actors, previously associated with Ducktail stealer malware, launched a campaign targeting Indian marketers.
  • The campaign, running from March to early October 2023, aimed to hijack Facebook business accounts.
  • Notably, this campaign used Delphi as the programming language, distinguishing it from previous .NET-based campaigns.

  • The U.S. CISA issued a deadline of November 17, 2023, for federal agencies and organizations to apply mitigations for security flaws in Juniper Junos OS.
  • Five vulnerabilities were added to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog, emphasizing the urgency for addressing these issues.

  • Malicious actors exploited Ethereum's 'Create2' function to bypass wallet security alerts, resulting in the theft of $60 million worth of cryptocurrency from 99,000 victims over six months.
  • This incident highlights the evolving tactics used by threat actors to compromise cryptocurrency addresses.



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