18 November 2023

  • Hackers targeted government organizations by exploiting a vulnerability in Zimbra software.
  • The attack took place before the vendor released a patch to fix the vulnerability.

  • CISA identified vulnerabilities actively exploited in Microsoft, Sophos, and Oracle products.
  • These vulnerabilities pose significant risks to various devices and enterprise solutions.

  • Ransomware gangs focused on exploiting exposed Citrix Netscaler devices to impact large organizations.
  • The exploit allows theft of data and encryption of files, potentially causing significant disruptions.

  • The British Library experienced a major service outage due to a ransomware attack.
  • The ongoing attack could lead to further service disruptions and compromise data.

  • The FCC introduced new rules to prevent SIM swapping and port-out fraud, aiming to safeguard consumers.
  • These rules aim to prevent malicious access to personal information through cell phone account scams.

  • Bloomberg Crypto's Twitter account was manipulated to lead users to a phishing site targeting Discord credentials.
  • Although a serious incident, it appears to be an isolated case.

  • Threat actors used manipulated Google ads to trick WinSCP users into installing malware.
  • This threat specifically targeted users searching for WinSCP through manipulated search results.

  • An unknown actor distributed malware through PyPI, primarily affecting IT experts.
  • This specific threat involved downloading malicious Python packages from the repository.

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