21 November 2023

NetSupport RAT infiltrates education, government, and business services sectors.
  • Malware: NetSupport RAT targeting education, government, and business sectors
  • Delivery: Utilizes fraudulent updates, drive-by downloads, malware loaders, and phishing campaigns
  • Report Findings: VMware Carbon Black researchers' report on the threat

Escalating geopolitical tensions reflect in cyber attacks on government entities.
  • Target: Philippines government entity
  • Hacker Group: China-linked Mustang Panda actor
  • Context: Cyber attack amidst escalating tensions over the South China Sea
  • Attribution: Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 identified three campaigns in August 2023 targeting organizations in the South Pacific region.

Breach in government contractor systems exposes sensitive employee data.
  • Incident: Hacking of Canadian government contractors
  • Impact: Exposure of sensitive government employee information
  • Details: Breach affecting an undisclosed number of government workers

Tor prioritizes user safety by eliminating hazardous network relays.
  • Action: Removal of network relays
  • Reason: Threat to Tor network user safety and security
  • Decision: Taken by the Tor Project for user protection

Rhysida gang behind major cyberattack leading to a British Library IT outage.
  • Incident: Cyberattack on the British Library
  • Claim: Responsibility attributed to the Rhysida ransomware gang
  • Impact: Major IT outage following the attack

Kinsing operator actively exploiting critical Apache ActiveMQ flaw.
  • Malware: Kinsing operator targeting Linux systems
  • Exploited Vulnerability: CVE-2023-46604 in Apache ActiveMQ
  • Method: Actively exploiting the critical vulnerability

malwareapacheactivemqransomwarerhysidator projectnetwork relaysdata breachpalo altovmwareratnetsupport


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