23 November 2023

Researchers bypass Windows Hello fingerprint authentication on major laptop brands.
Key Elements:
  • Security flaws exploited in embedded fingerprint sensors on Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft laptops.
  • Indicates vulnerabilities allowing bypass of secure authentication methods.

Healthcare SaaS provider Welltok faces a data breach affecting millions of U.S. patients. Key Elements:
Key Elements:
  • Breach resulted from a hack on the company's file transfer program.
  • Exposed personal data raises concerns over the security of healthcare information.

North Korean hackers breach CyberLink, trojanize installers in a supply chain attack.
Key Elements:
  • CyberLink compromised to distribute malware worldwide as part of a large-scale cyber operation.

Kansas Judicial Branch confirms cyberattack led to data theft involving sensitive files and a ransom demand.
Key Elements:
  • Incident disclosed after hackers accessed confidential information in a cybersecurity breach.

North Korean actors execute campaigns posing as job recruiters and seekers, distributing malware.
Key Elements:
  • Activities named Contagious Interview and Wagemole target organizations globally.
  • Masquerading tactics used to distribute malware and unauthorized employment attempts.

windows helloauthenticationbypassmalwarecyberlinkdata breachwelltok


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