27 November 2023

  • Users of Google Drive have encountered a loss of recently stored files, experiencing a rollback to a storage snapshot from April-May 2023.

  • A new study reveals a passive method for network attackers to extract private RSA host keys from vulnerable SSH servers.
  • Exploits computational faults occurring during connection establishment in the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.

  • The U.S., U.K., and global partners release guidelines for secure artificial intelligence (AI) system development.
  • Emphasizes customer ownership of security outcomes, radical transparency, and prioritization of secure design.

  • A fresh iteration of 'SysJoker' malware is discovered, reengineered in Rust programming language.
  • Potentially linked to Hamas hackers due to its rewritten codebase.

  • Utilizing the Wazuh SIEM and XDR platform as a combined detective and preventive control system to combat insider threats effectively.

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